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Welcome to Tara Lavelle Holistic Therapies

If you are interested in looking after your physical and emotional health then complementary healthcare could be the solution for you. Many factors can contribute to a lower standard of health then we desire. Physical, emotional and spiritual stress, unsuitable diet, challenging relationships and poor lifestyle choices can all lead to greater susceptibility to illness.

By approaching healthcare in a holistic way, great improvements can be achieved. I have found that a multi disciplined approach is incredibly effective at restoring balance to physical and emotional health, therefore I practice homeopathy, reflexology and aromatherapy and hot stones massage either separately or in combination.


I have many years experience working with people who want a different way of restoring their health. If you want to find out how homeopathy, reflexology or aromatherapy massage may be able to support you, then please get in contact today.


Appointments are available online and at The Space, 96 Northease Drive, Hove, BN3 8LH. Please call 07932 005419 or email to book in. 

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